really. thank you!!!! i have no clue what i'm doing. i have so many thoughts, tips, stories, rants, etc. about my business and no one sees my Tik Toks. so, alas! this blog was born.

this idea came to me approx. 5 days ago. so i have no set plan. i might post weekly or monthly, or i might hate it the second i publish this first blog, who knows! this also makes me feel like a narcissist. but i digress.

today i posted about my new logo!!!!!!!! and im so super excited. so i want to talk about it for my first blog post. sort of about the direction my business is going, where it was coming from, and what made me want to change it.

i loved my old logo. i still do! it just started to not feel like me. i have gone back and forth soooo000ooo0o000oo0oo many times about the direction i want my lil shop to go. i started with hand lettering, switched to a hand lettering / typeface graphic combo, then to strictly typeface graphics, and finally back to hand lettering which is where i'm at right now. when i decided to bring in my adobe graphics i did it because i felt like it would make my business look more like a business. i scroll through other business' instagram pages and feel like their pages have more legitimacy because they don't have "doodles" posted everywhere. and it makes me think my business is looked at as childish. which i don't *actually* (hopefully) think is the case, but i get into my head so. dang. much!

but idgaf anymore

hand lettering and doodling is my favorite hobby by miles & miles. my ipad is my child. procreate is my baby. and i treat them as such 👸 so to stop doodling and switch over to computer work for posts feels silly. so what if it doesn't make my instagram look like walmart's? do i even want that?

some of you may be reading this and be thinking "holy shit allie. it's a logo. it is not that serious." and you are correct. but TO ME!!!!! it is a huge deal. ( <-- that is what's playing in my head right now). because this business is one of the only non-living things i care about. and i don't want it any other way!! so i want my logo to match my vibe and feel more like me. which i think this logo does perfectly. and i love her dearly :,)

and don't even get me started on the colors. i went back and forth between pink/orange and pink/green for a dumb amount of time. i came to the conclusion i'm going to use them interchangeably. if you see me change my prof pic every other day to include both colors, don't say a word.

anyways, i hope you guys love this logo as much as i do. and if you don't, please don't tell me or i will cry on the spot. i had so much fun designing it and hope this is the one for the long haul!!! if you read this whole blog post, i love u very much. and appreciate you even more.

i have a ton of ideas for future blog posts, but wanna know what you want from me!!! if you could head over to my latest instagram post announcing my logo + blog and commented telling me topics you'd want me to talk about that would be FANTASTIC.

this is gonna be fun. love u.


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