the gift you need to ask for this holiday season

HAPPY HOLIDAYS PALS!!!! this time of year is wild. and i always decide what i want to ask for for christmas approx 1 week before and everything i want is sold out. so let me help u! 

if you're an aspiring small business owner or already started, i have a gift idea for u!

i've been working with Pro World for quite a few months now and we came up with something that is SO fun and even more beneficial to you: BUSINESS STARTER BUNDLES

look at her :,) she's so beautiful :,)

this is so special to me because 1) that's my work as a transfer!!!! what the heck!!!!! and 2) this is something I DESPERATELY wish i had when i first started my business.

when i started Allie Rose Co., i was super lost and bought so many items that i didn't need. and for a girl who had an insanely small budget to start, it quickly became a huge regret!!! i didn't know where to start, what kinds of products i needed, the type of transfers i wanted to use, etc. if i had this package in September 2020 i would've saved myself so much brain power, google searches, and money :,) 

in this package comes everything you need to start. so the second it comes in the mail (or under ur christmas tree), you can literally start making stuff right away. if ur anything like me, i am THE MOST impatient person of all time and will pay $50 for expedited shipping to get a project on the move if i'm waiting on one last item. with this u can save ur coins on expedited shipping!!!! it's all included. it comes with a heat press (the same one i have and would die for) (can also be upgraded if ur extra fancy), 3 of my pieces of art as heat transfers to press ASAP onto the blank apparel from Press Hall that are also included, $50 to Supacolor once ur ready to create your own designs, $60 to go shop for blanks with my homies at Press Hall, a ruler to help you center your design before pressing, a checklist, and (my favorite part!!!) a guide of tips & tricks on making tees from me! i've learned a TON about the best ways to press designs on apparel and what works best through a lot of trial and error. and i don't want you to have to go through that too! the guide answers sooooo many questions that i get asked in my DMs.

not to mention, this is only 1 of the 3 packages that are offered! there are 2 more that include vinyl and vinyl cutters, so the gift is perfect regardless of where you're at in your business journey.

there's payment plans you can do monthly too if this isn't something you wanna ask for for christmas and you want to fund yourself but don't want to pay in full! i feel like this is perfect because once you start making stuff with the supplies included in the box, you can start selling them and make the money back to pay the monthly bill for it. A PURCHASE THAT PAYS FOR ITSELF?! count me in!

if you're thinking about starting a small business or want to upgrade your current setup, this is the time!!! the first step is to start. and this can push you ahead of the game while saving you $ and time. 

if you want to check out the packages and bundles offered here is the link! i also created videos at Pro World HQ explaining the bundles and pressing some tees. even if you don't want to purchase anything i would appreciate you forever if you watched the vids! love u



*i also wanna say, that of course i am working together with Pro World on this project! but this blog is not sponsored. i wrote this because i really want everyone to know how beneficial this can be and i want to help aspiring small business owners in ways that no one helped me!! this is not an ad, just me rambling about things i think u would love. XOXOXO*

if you made it this far, use coupon code TEXTERS20 for 20% off Snowman embroidered tees and coffee glasses until midnight tonight (12/7). i appreciate u so much


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